Thursday, September 01, 2005

You can post a comment now.

Not that many people are reading this, but the few who do can now actually add a comment.

The wife and I, and by that, I mean, The wife, are starting a quilt for our daughter to be. It's called a 100 Good Wishes Quilt. She's sending out cards to some people, but, I decided to add the info here just to see what would happen, as well as to have an excuse to write more on ye ole' blog of idjitdom.

What is a 100 Good Wishes Quilt you may ask? (if you didn't ask, I'm asking for you)
Well, Traditionally, parents in northern China make a Bai Jia Bei (the quilt) to welcome and celebrate a new life. Friends and family contribute a square of cloth and a wish for the baby. The pieces of cloth are made into a quilt, and the good wishes go into a memory book of sorts. The quilt is said to contain the luck, energy, and the good wishes from all the families and friends who contribute.

So if you want to participate...all you have to do is send pick a 6in by 6in square of 100% cotton, washable fabric of whatever design you choose. Then send card or something with a wish or thought for Esther (that's what we be naming this little bundle of human) and a little scrap of your fabric glued to the card. It could be a drawing, quote, or anything else that strikes your fancy in the painful area. Sign it, and mail it to us.

if you don't want to do the fabric thingie, feel free to send the wish/quote/drawing/photo/video game/money/toy/ect. to us anyway. Please, no underwear. That's just gross. I'm unsure as to post my address or not, as there are wackos out there who might actually send us something evil or semi-evil. I'll discuss with the wife...she makes all the good decisions. In the mean time feel free to email me your "I wanna be send somfin" to . I'll email back the address after a thorough background check and criminal history report, or I'll do eenie minie moe, which everyone knows is an extremely accurate way of determining whether or not someone's intentions are evil or not. Oh, and I'm going to have the wife start working on this in December, after she's done cooking and doing the laundry...and maybe a backrub or please try to have them in by November if you want to add fabric. If you just want to send the wish thingie, you can do that after I guess.'s art is from a good friend of mine, Jason Felix ( ). He's newly married to a very lovely saucy woman named Olivia...sigh...she's purdy. Anyway, this cat is super talented, and is one of those people who can keep Multiple plates spinning at the same time. He'll work full time, then go home and do his digital illustration, and in his free time, He'll publish a book. Now he's Mr. Married Pants. Congrats Felix. He makes me feel lazy...sigh....and his wife is purdy.....anyway...I love his digital art. I love his traditional art as well, but the images I chose are the ones that speak to me to most. They say stuff like "clean the bathroom", "you must draw", "want a pickle with that?", or "KILL!!!"...stuff like that. Anyway, enjoy, then go visit his site, and buy books and prints and such. While your in the buying mood, go to Shane Whites site and buy stuff from him. Then if you have any extra money left, send it to me...


josh carrollhach said...

That's some very cool and eerie art, Gene. Do not ask if he babysits. Don't Really. Do not.
Hey, I like your weblog and will toss a link onto my own. Verbal dysentary is balm to me! And as a new dad you'll soon become a balm expert, as well as the other thing!



Anonymous said...

Hey Gene, How's it going? I like the sight, it's cool. Mom told me about this, I like it. You have cool stuff here, I cant wait to see some of your stuff on here. Love Tammy