Wednesday, November 30, 2005

playing with colorizin...

Okay...I don't usually do color, or, colour, as it's known in Canada, so don't be too harsh on me. Unless you want to...but just know, the safe word is "banana". Anyway...i just wanted to play around with colorizin a drawin' of mine in flash. So Judge away.

So, did you visit Schmiddy's blog? No? Well then, you're sleeping in the van. Anyway...Huddle just kinda figured out that it might be ten whole months from log in date til we get a referral photo...which would be like, uh, yeah. August we might get our kid. Fun. So that's all that's new with me. Talk to you later. Oh, yeah....Banana.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I just wanted to take a moment to mention that one of my favorite people now has a blog of his own. It's new, but his art is freakin' amazing. I went to school with him and let me tell you he's talented. Not as talented as me, of course, but, nearly. I need to go visit him soon. Canada has really good beer. Anyway...check him out., seriously...I'll stop this car, turn around ang go home mister. Don't push your luck. That's it, the belt's coming off. Go. Now. Schmiddy.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Huddle and Gene...

Just a picture of Huddle and I as little kids. I'm thinking of using them for a small book for our daughter. And, yes, Huddle's design was heavily inspired (*cough* ripped off *cough*) from John Nevarez. I freaking loooove his stuff...He's soo inspiring, yet at the same time, makes you just want to jump off the 26th floor of a highrise in downtown Bellevue. And then take a shower with a goat, for some reason. Not sure why, but there you go. I'll post a couple more drawings of Huddle what I draw them....So you just have to wait.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Final granny design and a juggernaut drawin'....

okay...The above design of granny is the rough of what I'm gunna go with which is a combination of a couple of different grannies...And a chihuahua.

The Juggernaut pic is for the skullbaby jugg challenge thing.

Anyway. I just wanted to say hi. It's been a while, but let's see what's new with me. I'm going to Sequim for Thanksgiving. Which is nice....'cept for it being in Sequim. I've been procrastinating on the whole comic thing...I still need to get one for Atomic Lead done, as well as the comic and sketches for Bart/my comic. No gas to speak of, tho' my left foot itches occasionally. My nose hair trimmer works like magic, and I bumped my head the other day on the liquor cabinet.

My wife absolutely loves Stumpytown!! I think I get to purchase a plushy. hehe....Score one for me. Her sketch diary made me want to do one. For when I go with the wife to China. It won't be nearly as cute as hers, but, I've always known that I'm not cute. I'm gorgeous, of course, but not cute...And my drawings tend to be a mishmash of everyone else's style. So, like Kevin Smith, I guess my style is that I have no style. Anyway...I'm going to go now...Keep up the good work, and like my mom always says "k, bye."

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I just had to...

This is soooooo horrible. It's like first year animation students who are just learning Maya animated this piece of garbage. It's sooo bad it's almost funny. Almost. It's more sad that projects this poorly animated get money and distribution. I mean, just step frame it...Tons of really bad curves and bad timing abound. No weight, no exaggeration...Just plain sad. . Is this the future of animated films? Was it made because it was sooo cheap to make? Did they only have one day to animate each scene? I'm sorry...It's really bad. For shame. Bad show, gentlemen. Bad show.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Grannies take fourteen.

one last take on some granny heads...Trying a couple of different styles and whatnot...I guess I've been drawing their mouths pretty much the same, but I kinda like it that way, so I guess that's why...Anyway...About last night, I'm sorry I didn't call when I got home, but you seemed so preoccupied with the gerbil. Anyway, Allis forgiven. I didn't need the million dollars anyway. What does this have to do with volleyball you may ask? Not a thing.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More random granny designs

just a couple of more ideas for granny heads. Still working out the design....I might also go with a more less angular approach. Still deciding. I want her to look sweet. Not capable of tazing a young woman to the point where she's passed out in her own urine and feces. Let me know what you think....Thanks Joel and Bart, you gave me some nice feedback. No one else apparently cares...sniff, sniff...I'm going to go cry now. Or not, I'm still deciding. Anyway...I wanna go see Harry Pooter this Friday during lunch. Anyone want to go with me?

Friday, November 11, 2005

Help me choose a design...Please?

okay...I'm trying to figure out a design for my grandma character for the comic I'm doing. I could use your help...If you feel like it...With cream and sugar? What if I begged? What if I paid you, not with money, but with my undying appreciation? Or what if I just paid you? Anyway, feel free to comment on these deigns (which are purdy rough at the moment). Let me know which one's you prefer or what things you like about certain ones, or even if you hate them all and I should just jump off of a speeding baby carriage. I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance and I'll call you tomorrow. Honest...c'mon baby. Trust me. I love you.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

bart likes dairy queen.

Quick night doodle before I bed myself...I mean, go to bed or something. Anyway, I'm gunna go poop. Wish me luck.

What the hell is wrong with Washington?

this new smoking ban is ridiculous. I mean, c'mon people. Where are we supposed to go? You already have it so we can't smoke in almost all restaurants. Now you want to take the option of those small few from us. You want it so business owners can't decide on their own if they want to be a smoking bar or not. There's plenty of non smoking bars. Go there. Fine, no smoking in bars. Fine, I can deal with that...Barely. But to tag on that whole stupid 25 foot from all windows, doors, or ventilation....that's just stoopit. I mean, really, where are we supposed to go? Take Capitol Hill for example. We have to go into the street to smoke. Maybe you don't care. Maybe you're just a fascist pig who had to give up smoking because your wife wouldn't kiss you anymore, and you're pissed that other people still get to smoke. You really make me not want to quit. You make me want to blow smoke in doors and windows. You make me want to punch kittens. What's next? Ban coffee because you don't like the smell? Or how about cooking food in your apartment? I don't want to smell your dinner. It could kill me. Or everyone needs to stop driving cars. It's polluting the air. Everyone has to walk now. Unless you do your driving 25 miles from any public place. Bite me. Anyway...What's new with you?

Monday, November 07, 2005

caveman of firey lovelyness...

or how's your day been? A couple of cool artist friends of mine started their own blogs, so check them out in the link section to your right. Stumpytown and Travis. Go check 'em out. They're good. I have to tinkle go buy crap and send it to me if it's cool.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

grampa can rock...

a little bit of gpa rock and a little mad eye a really crappy pose...very boring and non dynamic. It makes me feel so swell that i have this outlet for crappy sketches and even crappier assortment of letters making up what we in the business call "words". Anyway, keep the dream alive people...because if you don't then the man wins. Or comes in second to the woman...who has a really mean right hook.