Friday, October 28, 2005

It's been a while...but, I forgive you.

sheesh...I'm such a slacker. Sigh. Sorry people. Not that you heartless bastards!!! Anyway...just been sketching ideas and whatnot for the comic. I've realized that I'm not a comic artist. Apparently I an animator. Huge difference. I don't know anything about laying out a comic or cleaning up a drawing for a comic....hell, I don't know anything about cleaning up a drawing period. I was told in school that my clean up line quality sucks, and that I should never do clean up. Which is fine by me...I just want to animate. I just want to really animate, not clean up mocap or tone down the squash and stretch or take out the character in an animation because it's not "real" enough. I want to animate until the cows come home with the rum and soda, then we all get good and pissed and prank call the kangaroos. anyway...feel free to judge me by the these drawings. I know you do anyway, so, this way, you at least have my permission.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

random doodle

from yesterday...not much else going on...just your usual gas pains and whatnot.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

character desings

we're doing a compilation comic at work for the next Emerald City Comic Con. I plan on doing a comic version of a short I want to animate. Still don't know if I want to do the short in 3d or 2D. I guess it'll have to do with what software I have available. If I only have 3d, well, know, don't you? Sheesh, do I have to spell it out?

Anyway, here's an early version of the characters...still trying to figure out what shapes I want to work with...and the amount of detail. Feel free to let me know what you think...tho, no one's reading this...'cept me of course...which is fine...sniff, sniff...i'm used to the harsh realities of my so called life....anyway...have fun.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

my friend is famous!!!

and he mentioned me...he's awesome. go here to read all aboot it... . Joel Trussell is the man!!!

and now is talking about the man. Plus him and his wife just had a baby last night...a boy to add to their collection. Joshua Trussell....congrats all around. Joel deserves all kinds of happiness and sunshine.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What a funtasticular weekend!!

My friend Joa, whom I haven't seen for, like, ten years, dropped by with his girl this past weekend. We were going to attend the wedding of our friend Simon in Enumclawsalad, but something came up and we weren't able to go to the weddin'. But we did have a good ole' time at chateau de la Huddle. I'll post some photos whence I gets home.

It was really great seeing him. I didn't realize before, but Joa was responsible for quite a few of the positives in my life...the rest were due to Huddle. But, Joa helped define my sense of humor (giggle: that's what I used to call my log jam, Joa called his "personality"), and pointed out that one could actually work in the arts field of art. I think I was planning on being a dentist or maybe a gynecologist or pediatrition or cowboy or something.

He seemed really happy. I'm glad that Shauna goes good with a side of Joa. Wait, that sounded dirty, what I meant was, they are good together.

Anyway, I now plan on seeing him at least a good couple times a year, whether he likes it or not. He lives in the great Canadian north of Canada's Vancouver Island in Canada. It's pretty up there, hey?

As for the lack of drawing, well, I just plain suck. I will have some character designs up for a comic I plan on doing for "Atomic Lead", which is a comic kids at work are putting together for next years Emerald City Comic Com. I'm basically going to storyboard out a short I've wanted to do for a little while...and call it a comic, maybe stick a picture of a naked woman in there for fun and profit.

I love my wife. She smells like cupcakes and bunnies.

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