Tuesday, September 06, 2005

plexi blog...whoot.

Here's the blog of a couple of friends of mine....the good people down at Plexi Pixel. http://www.plexipixel.com/blog/ they do good things for the Seattle area...I just wish I could attend most of them...but I'm too lazy..sigh...

I'm working on that whole scanner thing...so once that straightens itself out, I'll be doing like a sketch a day, or every two days, and people can point and laugh and call me silly names like "master" or "genius"...anyhoo...in the meantime, go to plexipixel's website and check out those kid's stuff...then...check out
http://www.memoshouse.com/ . He's good people. Occasionally...giggle. He's a cat I works with...some nice stuff...okay, so he's better than me...sigh...anyhoo...here's some examples.

Anyhoo...more later...i'm back at work and needs to actually work today...next week i'm taking time off, so i'll either have my scanner or do painter or flash drawings and people can swoon over my godlike ability to make them wet themselves with laughter over my lack of skillz.



Josh Carrollhach said...

Man, you're not kidding. That's some nice color, there. I'm thinking twice before I scan anything I've painted. Except maybe the wall. I can scan the wall, can't I?

Anonymous said...

I think I'm a blogtard, because I can't get signed in.

Oh well...

You fix that scanner and make with the art of Gene. You are mighty with the skills, good sir. I'm diggin' the bloggin'.

don't stop the blakefield rock


Anonymous said...

Gene is dumb. But i have like 6 of his drawings on my desk! so he is ok. he draws nice girls. i like girls. gene is ok. even though he is not a girl.

Josh Carrollhach said...

Hey, Gene, thanks for the link!
You are NOT dumb! Nor a girl. Not that there's anything wrong with that.