Sunday, April 30, 2006

A painting...of sorts... here's a painting that I did, and I know the background is "inspired" by Scott C. (read: ripped off), tho not as expertly done...and that the background is too bright for the guy, so he sorta blends in...I know these things. But I haven't painted for like 12 years. And I'm not that great with color. Or colour as those crazy Canadians say. I've mostly used pencil for the past lifetime. Anyhoo, I'm wanting to do a series of paintings, with man udders in various places and stuff...this is the first attempt at the first one. I'll try white washing the background or something, maybe I'll just start's you go. Enjoy.

Monday, April 24, 2006

some head sketches...

for fun and profit...well, okay, no profit.

Friday, April 21, 2006

introducing Manny Udders...

Your friendly neighborhood shirtless fat guy. I'm gunna paint him up in acrylic and stuff...I really want to get back into painting. I miss it....dearly...

a quick mornin' sketch....

to help me wake up....didn't quite work...i'm still sleeping, and you are now all in my dream. great. Hey!! put your clothes back on...unless you're Lynda can be naked. that's okay.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

anutha ape...

Anutha ape inspired by Joel. Now with man udders.

Monday, April 17, 2006

day four and anotha' ape...

this ape was inspired by Joel Tussell's that guy kicks major booty. (that's pirate's treasure) four. We visited Kilmainham Gaol, a lot of Irish history in those walls. It was very sobering. But we fixed that later that evening. Also, Huddle was a little grumpy later on...trying to find a place to sit, eat, and have a pint was a little more taxing that day...soooo many people were out and aboot. After we found a place called "the bridge" or something, she was better...that and a couple of kisses from me. I'm that good.

anyhoo...i don't want to type as much as i did last time...typing gives me gas. The bad kind. The kind that sticks around and slowly leaches any color out of your hair. It's weird. werd up.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Back from APE and sketch diary: Day Three

day three of our Ireland extravaganza. We decided to take a bus tour of Dublin, which took a little over an hour. It was pretty cool to see everything with commentary by a pretty funny sassy lady. The reason for the tour was twofold (don't I sound all smart and shee?) 1. to get a general overview of the city layout 2. see if there was anything that we wanted to see that we haven't thought of 3. to act like tourists. So okay, that was threefold...I'm not that smart..sheesh. was purdy awesome, 'cept for the rain. That was pretty wet. We shopped for a bit, and then decided to take a nice lil' nap. Then it was drinkin' time. We decided to purchase alcohol via an off license place and drink in our room. Later that evening, I decided to go on down to the pub attached to the hotel and do some sketchin'. With some Jameson. We then went to sleep. And dreamed of Irish dreams of Ireland.

Now for my APE update. It was fun. The people there were awesome. Everyone was all jazzed about art and shee. I got to meet the "Carl is the awesome" guy and a few of the Double Fine lads and lady. The were kick arse!! so I bought a t-shirt. I wanted to purchase a round painting done by Scott C., but I chickened out. They were of skeletons doin' it in many different positions. Very funny.

I also bought a Gama Go t-shirt. kick arse. Then I met Jim Smith. Holy cow dung on a manure pile!! He kicked ass!! He was like George liquor, only a little mellower. So I bought a sketchbook.

I also had drinks with Tim Schafer ...very cool guy. He also has a kick arse muscle car convertible type vehicular object of much affection.

Anyway...I also ran into my friend Jason Felix and his wife Olivia. Very cool. Hung out with them for a while, as well as my friend Joe Clark and Kris Strong...anyway..I should go. I'll tell you kids all about the fabulous hotel I stayed at where the toilet didn't work and I felt like I was in an IKEA display later...wait, I guess I just did...nevermind.


Friday, April 07, 2006

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Some more sketches and sketch diary page 2!!

okay...a few sketches plus a sketch diary page!! YIPPIE!!! This was from Day 2. Had a great full Irish breakfast..Complete with beans, pudding, fried eggs, toast, instant coffee, bacon and sausage. The black (blood) pudding was really, really dry...didn't like it as much...maybe when I cook it at home I might use a lot more butter.

Walked around a bit, and it got kinda cold, so Huddle bought a new fleece. (the old one was covered in cat hair), and we hovered around Spire of Dublin for a bit. We decided to try McDonald's, just to see how different the food tasted, and saw the sign you see above. "it's no big girls blouse." That saying completely baffled us, and we're still not completely sure as to the meaning...I asked our concierge and he said it was like if you don't finish all your Whiskey, then you're a big girl's blouse or something...a wuss maybe? dunno...

Anyway...I love Ireland...Have I mentioned that before? Well, I do. So there.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

emerald city comic con sketches

so this was my first time having a table at a comic was fun. It was really slow, but fun. I got to meet Patrick Morgan, Alberto Ruiz, and Stephen Silver...three of the greats. I also shook the hand of hotty Gigi Edgley, who also got a copy of the sketchbook...but from bart. She's a little too skinny for my tastes...don't get me wrong, she's hot,'ll take Huddle over her anyday...which is prolly good...seeing as she's my wife and all...giggle.

The above crappiness is random sketches from the con....I don't think my style of art (poorly designed animation characters, but with great nipples) is a big fit at the Emerald City Comic Con. A couple of people asked me to draw Wolverine and Dr. Doom...I didn't grow up reading comics, I grew up watching Tex Avery cartoons, Felix the Cat, and Popeye it was a good thing that they had really crappy reference drawings. They didn't even buy a sketchbook, and it was only THREE BUCKS!!! sheesh. Then there was that one guy who wanted me to draw someone eating pie. weird...he even asked Mr. Shane White to draw himself eating pie...his reply? "I don't like pie"...giggle...thanks to shane white who gave my stomach and cheek muscles a work out...that kid is hi-larious. and he also gave me some carrots and a pea pod. which was nice. He's nice. And thanks to Bartski for being there with me...he's a helluva guy...a good drinkin' buddy and great friend...sniff...I promised myslef I wouldn't cry....there. I'm done. anyhoo...thanks for reading atchu later.

ps. don't forget to check out Karin and Ed's blogs to check out the photos of the event. nice.