Thursday, September 15, 2005

Okay...this kinda sucks...

I'm a people person. I miss my co-workers. I'm lonely...I'm all alone here on my week off, and it kinda sucks. Anyway...I am drawing a bit more...but I tend to feed off of other people. I'm a vampire of sorts...but me no likey blood.

here's a cowboy.

and here's a crappy color job to boot.

and here's an idea that I'm working out for our adoption announcement. I guess we'll send it out after we get the referral photo, or maybe when we know when we'll be going to China to pick her up. Anyway...any suggestions would be wonderful.

I'm out. I need to walk to the store.


jtruss said...

Lemme guess... off to the store for Mountain Dew? Nice drawrings, m'man.

Josh Carrollhach said...

Festus! No, I like the guy's jaw, but the point of articulation is so far forward that when moved it might look a bit wonky. Lotsa character, though.

Josh Carrollhach said...

Gene, it occurs to me as I read my earlier post that I am a big ol' a-hole. Your drawing is very good. I am sitting here trying to do a simple pencil test and I feel like a three-year-old trying to do mechanical drawing. Maybe I need to start putting 151 into the Red Bull.
Festus is an awesome character. I never knew a guy so young could look so old.


b. bartski said...

sup buddy. after i bumped into you friday i came to the coffee shop and tried to scope out your shiznit, but this bastard of a cathode ray tube wannabe wouldnt give me a fix. Fucker turned every jpeg into a sucky white box. I WANT TO SEE ART DAMMIT, NOT SUCKY WHITE BOXES!!!

But today the digital gods were shining down on me. I got to see cowboys and storks and naughty girls.

FUCKING COOL. How did you get the linework to have different color qualities on the cowboy dude. Looks sweet. Is that some flash trickery that is foreign to me. Damn cool yo. Makes me wish i hadnt spent my whole weekend watching Fooly Cooly reruns, playing Psychonauts, and watching twin peaks trying figure out who the hell killed Laura Palmer. See you tommrow! Sorry i typed so much. Its the Adderall.

Anonymous said...

PS...I WANT HIGHER RES!!! Can you do that on the site?