Wednesday, April 30, 2008

animation that i did at Suckerpunch...

so, these are some of the animations I did for sly 3. I modeled a couple of them, but I was mainly responsible for animation there. It was a very fun gig...oh, and there's some bits like the elephant bat's nose that don't look animated, that's because there was some proprietary software that would take care of's some of my in game animation and the last bit was just for fun...and stuff....with a dash of things...and sorry 'bout the loudness of the music...I just threw this together in a few deal.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

playing with toon boom studio digital pro...

personal learning edition at work...and I gotta's kinda neat...i love the rotation...the symbol looks like an animation disk...aresome!! So anyway...I decided that I haven't really had any of my crappy animation on here...tho' I'll be remedying that soon...I'll prolly put up a movie of some of the animations I did for sly's my super rough craptacular walk...enjoy

Sunday, April 06, 2008

just a quick one

...before I go to with big nipples, and it's cleaner than I usually do...but, I wanted to practice the redraw as you clean up thing...anyway...g'night and see you tomorrah'!!