Sunday, November 11, 2007

because you all begged for it

more drawings!!! this is the initial sketch for a painting I'm going to do for the good vs. evil show this December. We have to do one good painting one evil painting, so I'm going to do two zombie cowboys...mirror images of each other, one in a black hat, one in a white hat...the "evil" zombie will be saying "brains", while the other will say kittens or something...haven't really decided yet...but at least i started...well, i have an idea anyway...

a rocker drawing inspired by Tim's new game "Brutal Legend"...gunna be awesome.

Igor with a martini, of course.

a girl and a Frankenstein....yeah.

and a rockabilly chick with a gun..oh, and she's in her bra and panties...reow! So, there....some drawings for you kids, no please stop with the's just sad...what is that you say? you didn't beg...okay...well, whatever helps me sleep at night. anyway...go over to Esther's blog and watch the video of her coloring...and being a general freak...she's just like's awesome.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Esther's first Cintiq drawing...

so Esther dropped by my work yesterday to show off her Yoda costume...freakin' sooo Dev said "something that cute should come with it's own vomit bag"...which i agree...sometimes she's just soo cute it gives you stomach's awesome. Anyway...she sat on my lap and took over my photoshop session...and this is what she came up with...nice huh? she's already doing the thick to thin lines and stuff...she's brilliant!