Thursday, March 01, 2007

some crap for you to behold

so yeah. Yesterday Esther went to the doctor's again for her follow up..and got four shots, two per thigh...which completly sucked. it totally sucks having to hold your kid down while someone sticks them with needles...and one of the shots was the flu shot...another was polio....i forgot what the others were, protection against groundhogs i think. Anyway...she got a fever last night...she was miserable...couldn't get comfortable and stuff...we gave her some tylonol or how ever you speel it...too lazy to look it up. This morning she was all smiley and happy, not yay!!! I hate not being able to help her. sigh...i suck. was your evening?
here's some random screaming heads and stuff.


Gronk said...

I warned you. Now you are a slave to her powers of baby cute freshness.

Just wait until the day she first yells "No!" and you learn just how far a 2 foot tall human can throw a tippy cup.

Gooood times! :)

Dave said...

Great drawings and glad to hear your daughter is doing ok again!

=shane white= said...

Consider them beheld, sir!


Jeff said...

Hey Gene these are awesome!

Pat Pakula said...

lovin it dood!

ryan said...

cool drawings! i really like the monkey