Wednesday, February 21, 2007

abe sapien

saw a hellboy comic the other day, and decided to do some crappy throw away drawin's of abe. How was your day?


MickFred said...

them gills are the clincher!
he looks great. Animate him for the love of plankton!

also animate the below monkey

Joe Kresoja said...


sean said...

you had me at nipples. And the gills i guess. The thing i love the most is that they (the gills, fin etc) all look like floaties. Fun stuff.

geenpool said...

hey there, tanks kiddies...

mickfred-i actually plan on aminating the monkey and scarcrow in a tiny little short short of shortness...or something short.

Kresoja...soon my friend...soon we will take over the worlds!!!!!

sean-thanks for the complements mange!! you have some pretty aresome stuff over in your bloggerhood.

KYMadan said...

gene...those grandma style boobies are hilarious.

Gronk said...

Hey! Those aren't grandma boobies, I have those boobies.. Those are MIDLIFE MAN BOOBIES.

Gronk has spoken.

Anonymous said...


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