Sunday, December 17, 2006

well, we are getting Esther tomorrow...


here's a photo of one of the many toys at the friendship store. I love how it's called the Super Guts Machine.

and since there's no scanner here, i had to take a photo of the drawring i did. Just to let some people know what happend when we left:
we get to the airport, pleanty of time...then we find out our flight has been delayed two hours. exactly the time of our layover in san Francisco...due to fog there. So, we get to SF, twenty minutes after our flight left, Air china is closed for the day, we don't know where our luggage is, and don't know what to go to united, after 'bout an hour we find out that we've been rebooked to beijing via LA. So we go to LA, then leave for Beijing at midnight...get to beijing 12 hours later, and our luggange is missing. so, by now, i've been in the same clothes for 'bout 36-42 deoderant is in the missing luggage. yay. So fill out the necessary forms, and meet our guy who takes us to our hotel, just in time to leave for the day's tiananmen square and the forbidden city...and it's really freaking cold here. like 28 degrees..then add a really nice wind...and it makes it feel like 12...and we didn't have our gloves and extra clothes and such...wee. all worked out, we got our luggage that night, and today were pleanty warm when we went to the grat wall...oh, and the food here is kick arse. Love the noodles...i suggest you try them.
oh, 'bout the drawring...before we got our luggage, we were feeling a little we went to the local store to purchase some warmer clothes and deoderant for smelly pits, but no one spoke english...not even a little. So I had to pantomime deoderant to a very confused young lady. Later we had to pantomime a headache for some advil. It was kinda fun. a couple of us from the group were going to make up a game, where you had to get items only via pantomime, no words. we'd pick like three things and whoever finished first won. Stuff like laxitives and the like. but we didn't...we decided to pack for tomorrow...which is the day i get my i'm kinda freaking out a i'm typing a with it.
see you tomorrow...g'night. I'll write more could check out huddle's blog if you want some more details...i'm tired, and we have to get up at five tomorrow morning to leave for the fly to nanning. g'night sweet prince.


Mom said...

Can't wait for tomorrow! How many hours are you ahead of us?

jurffy said...

have fun in china =p
you have a nice style =p