Wednesday, December 20, 2006

some movies...

and some's being a stoopit won't let me enter my full login for the "new and improved" i can't easily embed my videos...but here are the video of her smiling yet...but soon. She is now legally our daughter, and she had her first poopy today...four times actually...first three were pretty painfull for her, she hasn't gone since we got it was a little hard for her, but it's amazing the change in her attitude after a good day of bowl movements.'s soo hard for me to post at night, i'm soo tired...but here's the links to tide you over...enjoy. you'd better enjoy. that's better.


Heidi said...

Very lovely videos, she's gorgeous! Great to hear that she's poohed.
Love ya,

=shane white= said... cool. Dig the videos.


KYMadan said...

Awwwww! Love the videos you guys! Aw - everyone feels better after a good poo.

Anonymous said...

Gene -

Your lil' girl is ADORABLE - but we all knew she would be, right!

I've come to the conclusion that she should marry our son, Nate! Hey, we should all get together some time for playdates!

Shannon, Jason and Nate Medisky ;)