Friday, December 01, 2006

Travel dates

okay, sorry it's been a little while since my last post, but it's been pretty hectic here at work. Oh, and the wife and I finally got our travel authorization...We leave for China on the 14th of December, get our daughter on the 18th, then come home on the 28th....So...That's like two weeks away and stuff....So, I'm freaking out again.

oh, the drawings are just some crap that I drew whilst the computer was a'renderin', and the last little animated GIF was made by Joel to commemorate my run cycle I animated for his commercial. If you haven't seen it..You should. It's awesome. He let me animate a bunch on this one. Here's the link:
Joel's commercial. I tried to use the other link he gave me, but it's not working right now...So there's that...So for this one you have to wait for a bit...Then a bunch of beasties will appear above the persons heed...Wait for the words to go away and choose one...joel's is the second from the right on top. werd up.


Alina Chau said...

Fun neato drawing, have a great trip!

SteveLambe said...

Damn fine stuff, Gene. I didn't know that run cycle was yours. Very well done.

Safe travels and good luck with the new daughter in China!!

crylic said...

haha, yeah that runcycle is hilarious!!! I love when you draw "tha' ladies" always uber sexy. sweet stuff as always man, and again that runcycle is golden!

Anonymous said...

"Just some crap". Whatever dude:) That run cycle is shweet too. So, when are we gonna see a Blakefield short?

geenpool said...

thanks guys...hehe

alina- thanks...and i'll try to have fun...tho i think i might be stressing out more than having fun...i really don't want to screw her up too bad...hehe..

lambe- dude!! thanks for the be one of my small group of inspirations and glitter. Love your stuff.

crylic- thanks mange...i don't draw the womens as much as i used to, well, that's not true, i just don't post the drawings of womens that i draw...thanks...the run cycle was totally inspired by joel's design...all his stuff makes it easy and a blast to animate.

doug- thanks for the blakefield short...uh, i have some ideas, but i'm kinda short on time, i might be working on one for the next few years...apparently, when you become a father, you have to spend time with your kids...weird concept. Anyway...possibly soon?

paublo said...

you are an animation super talent my friend.. that run cycle is AMAZING!! have a safe trip!

Dagan Moriarty said...

Gene, I just love that 'run'... really fantastic timing, and just plain fun to watch... superb!

geenpool said...

Thanks kids! wow...all the compliments...i'm blushing...i really couldn't have done it without joel's inspiring extremes tho, that, and the go ahead to use wipes...i'm starting to like it at the slower speed as well...tho, i think the faster one will always be my favorite...anyway..thanks again joel for lettin' me dood it. You rock.

Scott Tolleson said...

COOL stuff! Love thatnippleman too!

Anonymous said...

That commercial IS awesome! Nice run!

In regards to the Animator autobiograhical comic...
save your penny's to feed your family. Send me your address and I'll send you a book.


Anonymous said...

I wanna!

My only request is that you send my some art that included large,
SlimJim-like nipples.


Dominic Bugatto said...

Luv the lady's face. Congrats on the kid too.