Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Some more sketches and sketch diary page 2!!

okay...a few sketches plus a sketch diary page!! YIPPIE!!! This was from Day 2. Had a great full Irish breakfast..Complete with beans, pudding, fried eggs, toast, instant coffee, bacon and sausage. The black (blood) pudding was really, really dry...didn't like it as much...maybe when I cook it at home I might use a lot more butter.

Walked around a bit, and it got kinda cold, so Huddle bought a new fleece. (the old one was covered in cat hair), and we hovered around Spire of Dublin for a bit. We decided to try McDonald's, just to see how different the food tasted, and saw the sign you see above. "it's no big girls blouse." That saying completely baffled us, and we're still not completely sure as to the meaning...I asked our concierge and he said it was like if you don't finish all your Whiskey, then you're a big girl's blouse or something...a wuss maybe? dunno...

Anyway...I love Ireland...Have I mentioned that before? Well, I do. So there.


Yaxin said...

great expression in the first one :))

geenpool said...

thanks've got some really good artwork on your blog!!