Monday, April 17, 2006

day four and anotha' ape...

this ape was inspired by Joel Tussell's that guy kicks major booty. (that's pirate's treasure) four. We visited Kilmainham Gaol, a lot of Irish history in those walls. It was very sobering. But we fixed that later that evening. Also, Huddle was a little grumpy later on...trying to find a place to sit, eat, and have a pint was a little more taxing that day...soooo many people were out and aboot. After we found a place called "the bridge" or something, she was better...that and a couple of kisses from me. I'm that good.

anyhoo...i don't want to type as much as i did last time...typing gives me gas. The bad kind. The kind that sticks around and slowly leaches any color out of your hair. It's weird. werd up.

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Gronk said...

Another pint will clear that gas right up, donchyaknow.

Did you try any Kilkenny ale while you were there? I signed a petition to replace water with that stuff..