Friday, November 11, 2005

Help me choose a design...Please?

okay...I'm trying to figure out a design for my grandma character for the comic I'm doing. I could use your help...If you feel like it...With cream and sugar? What if I begged? What if I paid you, not with money, but with my undying appreciation? Or what if I just paid you? Anyway, feel free to comment on these deigns (which are purdy rough at the moment). Let me know which one's you prefer or what things you like about certain ones, or even if you hate them all and I should just jump off of a speeding baby carriage. I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance and I'll call you tomorrow. Honest...c'mon baby. Trust me. I love you.


bart said...

44444444 -she looks so sweet and innocent. So i totally expect her to explode at any given moment into some sam ramey evil dead like creature. My grandma used to pull that shit all the time.

jtruss said...

3 has an interesting shape happening, but I guess it depends on what this character is supposed to be like. Draw s'more!