Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Final granny design and a juggernaut drawin'....

okay...The above design of granny is the rough of what I'm gunna go with which is a combination of a couple of different grannies...And a chihuahua.

The Juggernaut pic is for the skullbaby jugg challenge thing.

Anyway. I just wanted to say hi. It's been a while, but let's see what's new with me. I'm going to Sequim for Thanksgiving. Which is nice....'cept for it being in Sequim. I've been procrastinating on the whole comic thing...I still need to get one for Atomic Lead done, as well as the comic and sketches for Bart/my comic. No gas to speak of, tho' my left foot itches occasionally. My nose hair trimmer works like magic, and I bumped my head the other day on the liquor cabinet.

My wife absolutely loves Stumpytown!! I think I get to purchase a plushy. hehe....Score one for me. Her sketch diary made me want to do one. For when I go with the wife to China. It won't be nearly as cute as hers, but, I've always known that I'm not cute. I'm gorgeous, of course, but not cute...And my drawings tend to be a mishmash of everyone else's style. So, like Kevin Smith, I guess my style is that I have no style. Anyway...I'm going to go now...Keep up the good work, and like my mom always says "k, bye."

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