Saturday, October 08, 2005

character desings

we're doing a compilation comic at work for the next Emerald City Comic Con. I plan on doing a comic version of a short I want to animate. Still don't know if I want to do the short in 3d or 2D. I guess it'll have to do with what software I have available. If I only have 3d, well, know, don't you? Sheesh, do I have to spell it out?

Anyway, here's an early version of the characters...still trying to figure out what shapes I want to work with...and the amount of detail. Feel free to let me know what you think...tho, no one's reading this...'cept me of course...which is fine...sniff, sniff...i'm used to the harsh realities of my so called life....anyway...have fun.


bart again said...

Oh so i see you have already written me off and decided to strike out on your own. Oh cruel world!!! First my ankle now this. *sniffle* Just kidden. We should still put some sketchery together though! I dont want to be left out of the action! All right. My foot hurts. This ninja needs pain pills and a couch. Oh yah...sorry i didnt call last night. I was feeling introverted and I got knee deep into a lengthy bob dylan documentary (only one knee though, cause I was only standing on my left foot.)

Anonymous said...

whats up w/ this facist auto link shit. I didnt connect any hyper-watcha-ma-call-it to "bob dylan". Facist Commercialism has invaded our Blogs!!!