Sunday, March 25, 2007

Well, I've finished my bottles...

So here's some photos of my bottles for the forty show....once I finished them, I realized three, that painting on bottles is haaaaard...two, that I'm not a good painter (tho it is fun), and three, these looked soooooooooo much better in my forgive me. Color really isn't my forte...I'm most comfortable with pencil and/or ink...maybe one or two colors tops...anyway...i have no idea how much to price these things...I'll let Mike price them...hehe...

I was playing around with sponges on the monkey didn't turn out that well...kinda hard to have any kind of stencil with a bottle...and plus, I've just never done it before...

and here's one of Esther...and her banana slug hair clip that
Karin made...damn...i feckin' love this does, bug her 'bout making tons more so you can buy them too!! She has a whole bunch of different animals and stuff...chicken leg, dead fish, octpopus...and all of them are the rad.

Friday, March 23, 2007

if you're near seattle on April 7th.

...if you want. No pressure. A bunch of us who worked on this anthology comic thingie will be there to sign copies if anyone wants to purchase one..or not...whatever...sigh.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

some Esther...and a crap drawing

here's Esther at the park....she loves the mirrors.
Here she is "napping"....
And here's the crap drawing i was talking aboot...yeah, i know it's generic and it was inked fer poo, but, hey, it's all i have for now...i've been busy the past few weeks and there. Anyway...thanks for all the kind brithday wishes and stuff. I'm now officially old. Yay. Talk to you kids soon.

Friday, March 09, 2007

esther's better than you

here's the inital sketch that inspired one of my bottles for the forty show in vancouver. I might even be able to go to the show...and crash on schmiddy's couch, which is always fun...but he now apparently has face eating kittens now, so that should be nice. anyway...the show should be pretty cool...mike g is putting it together. So if you're in the arer, drop by and buy my pieces.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

some crap for you to behold

so yeah. Yesterday Esther went to the doctor's again for her follow up..and got four shots, two per thigh...which completly sucked. it totally sucks having to hold your kid down while someone sticks them with needles...and one of the shots was the flu shot...another was polio....i forgot what the others were, protection against groundhogs i think. Anyway...she got a fever last night...she was miserable...couldn't get comfortable and stuff...we gave her some tylonol or how ever you speel it...too lazy to look it up. This morning she was all smiley and happy, not yay!!! I hate not being able to help her. sigh...i suck. was your evening?
here's some random screaming heads and stuff.