Wednesday, May 23, 2007

to answer some questions...

my new gig is still in warshington, Kirkland actually...still doing game animation...amongst other getting everyone coffee and changing their diapers and whatnot...i don't remember those last two in my job description, but, alas...i get the metal stick if i don't, yeah...i don't like the metal's cold and it hurts when they strike me about the head and feet....of course I'm's actually rough wood so there's splinters...yay.


We are Greers said...

G. Blakefield,

Nihao my China traveling friend. Wear diapers yourself and the blows don't hurt as much. Trust me, I know. Chelle kicks me around all the time. Like your stuff, dude. Spencer is still waiting on his character. Later

Can Esther come over to play? Yazi wants to know.

Jeff Greer
Conway, AR

crylic said...

hehe, great stuff as usual man, especially lovin' that shnoz! haha, super!

Newsquirt said...

congrats on the new gig Gene.