Monday, May 14, 2007

Holy crap!! it's been two weeks allready?!?

The new job is awesome!! I can't believe it's been two weeks allready..sheesh...time just flies by's one of those things where you wake up at seven am..a little tired, but psyced to go to work, then you get to work start working on cool stuff, then someone tells you it's lunch time. You get back from lunch, and before you know it, it's six's the radical. Anyway...sorry long time no post, will post more soon and stuff...just been busy and, yeah...hope your mother's day was fun. Huddle's first mother's day was pretty good...thanks for asking. Talk to yous later.


Ward Jenkins said...

Hey man, so what's your new job? I'm happy for ya. Good to see that the good guys really do win sometimes.

Keep in touch, Gene. Would love to chat or sumptin'....

PS: are you by any chance coming down to Portland for the Platform festival?

paublo said...

glad to here you love yer new job! where the hell's it at?!? great post my friend..glad all is well