Monday, April 02, 2007

Lois Lane tried to steal my daughter!!!!

...sorta...well, not really...Margot Kidder was at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend when the family and I showed up to see what we could steal from Karin's booth. We all walked by and Margot saw the beauty that is Esther and she was mesmerized. She held her and Esther even got her to do the "oh no" thing that she makes grown ups do to look funny....she puts both of her hands on each side of her head and shakes it back and forth...well, she'll do it if we say "oh no!"...but she did it for Margot and Margot did it back...she then signed a photo for Esther...we picked the one where you can see superman's package standing next to Lois Lane...hehe...oh, and she fell and hit her head on the cement, but it really wasn't my fault...honest.

oh, and she's back to the whole posing thing for the's almost so cute that it could cause siezures. Doesn't it kinda look like those depresingly cute photos that come with frames? The ones that say, your kid isn't this adorable, but buy this frame anyway...well, my kid is that there frame companies!! I've beaten you at your own game! Your mearly cute children in frames is nothing compared to the raw power of Eshter's dimples....bwaaaaahahahahahahahahaah...or something.

and I think i get to go the the 40oz show in Vancouver!! It'll be hard to be away from Pancake...I'm the one who puts her to bed, but it should be fun to see my friends, and people who I've only met via blogs and stuff...hope to see you there?


Marilyn Jones said...

As a Margot Kidder fan with a Google alert set for her name, I recently came across your blog and your wife's blog (both essentially Esther shrines!). First, Esther is about the cutest thing on earth. Second, I am a big Tex Avery fan, too. My favorite cartoon of all time is The Jazz Singer or Owl Jolson or whatever you call it...absolutely wonderful.

Nice reading such positive blogs, so full of love.


crylic said...

rad stuff man, she's a cutie for shure! Question time! What kinda paint did you use for your bottle? Me and a couple a boys from work are freakin' out to get 'er done and have no idea what the heck to do...any help is great duder.


KYMadan said...

Oh lord god, she is sooo cute my eyes are bleeding... again.
Have a blast @ the 40oz show Gene-wish we could be there-your stuff kicks ass.

the clownninja said...

cool stuffs, and your kid's adorable

Dave said...

Sweet drawing and a awesome story! That is a pretty cute kid too :) Can't wait for the show - you did a great job on your bottles!

Doctor Jones said...

She's a cute kid, man.
Great drawings.