Wednesday, January 10, 2007

some notes from this morning's meeting...

as you've probably already noticed, the meeting was about bears and how to befriend them...actually, I can't say what the meeting was aboot. It's all top secret, just like the movie, with cow costumes and glowing breasteses and the like....
and an image from that time it takes for the world to build...excuse me, i just sneezed...and got some goop on your screen...let me get that for you...crap, now it's smearing...sigh, oh well...enjoy it.

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Yayo said...

Hi, I've been syndicated to your blog for a long time and never commented, sorry.

But this time I've got to tell I love the draws about your daughter!!

How the hell can you do that!! ^^

I could give a hand to have the other as good as yours!

Thanks, and keep it up, even if I don't comment I'm eavesdropping you.