Monday, January 22, 2007

so how was your day?

i decided you've been good, so i made you this. and colored it poorly. because i care that much.

and here's one angry yeti who stole the monkey's turtleneck sweater...he's a bad naughty angry yeti. and he has very bad smells of hot sick. and candy.


mb in Shelton said...

Ewww - pooh. Is he going to fling it?

Dagan Moriarty said...

All of these drawings rock, Gene!

I really love that 'wolf man' fella below as well.

Great stuff!


Mike Mac said...

Hi, Gene thanks for the comment. Getting a comment from somebody is cool but when its from someone of your talent its awsome. I spent a good deal of time here and went through your archives. Damn you can draw! thanks for the inspiration man!



MadameGaston said...

thank u!!
love it

Dave said...

Hot sick and candy? haha that's pretty disgusting. Awesome designs!

KYMadan said...

I LOVE his nappy sweater... it looks stinky.

IZA said...

These are both Awesome-Riffic! Such great character, expression, movement, color, everything!!!

if you get a chance man, check out my blog and tell me what ya think