Wednesday, November 15, 2006

still no travel date

so quit asking...sheesh. well, you can still ask...didn't mean to snap at you..but i've been under a lot of pressure at work, you know how it goes baby, wait...don't leave...anyway, while you're out don't forget the creamed corn. Daddy likes.


Dave said...

hahaha! That's a groin, alright! Awesome drawing :D

Mega said...

ha, creamed corn....i remember reading joey shitheads bio ( lead singer from the group DOA) and he mentioned about how his friend in school worked at a cream corn processing plant and used to piss in the vats......ugh.

hey, now that i got ya here, i thought id ask you if you wanna be a part of this art show im holding in vancouver, as youre just a step away, no? well, the show is called 40, and ittl be 40 artists painting their own 40 oz bottle of malt liquor. i got a venue, no set date but its safe to say ittl be mid december. you want in? just shoot me an email if you do, or say you want in on my blog. cheers fellah

Yam Roll said...

Hey Gene
Thanks for always dropping by the Yam Roll blog sir. Always appreciate the support:)
I dig your drawing style, and it sounds like you keep yourself busy with some fun stuff! Nice to see.
A huge congrats on your new baby girl. She looks adorable! There is nothing better!!! (I have a 4 month old kicking around my house these days. He is starting to laugh a lot's soooo funny!)
Good luck with everything (work and family). I'll keep checking back for updates
take it easy
get some sleep!

jtruss said...

Cigs + cream corn = powercombo

geenpool said...

thanks for the comments guys!!

dave-yeah, grampa stuffs his pants...that's how he rolls

mega-uh...ewww? And you know i'm in for the show

yamroll-wow! thanks for the compliment! I'm a huge, huge fan of yam roll, my friend schmiddy turned me on to you and i immedatly fell in love. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the kind wishes for my daughter to be. It should be fun.

Joel-baby, you know it.