Tuesday, August 29, 2006

vancouver weekend

i played my first game of three man this weekend....i think i won...or lost...whichever gets you the most tipsy.

me in the middle licking my rum and coke, and schmiddy throwing peace signs, i mean, gang signs.

Pat. In his drunked glory.

there was some foozball action that night as well, i don't play it, but i make a good watcher.

adam and pat listening to schmiddy's tale of how he escaped the winged batteringram of the north.

i rolled a six in my drink...yay.

see? I have a finger. I wasn't lying...

west sieeeeed!!!

i had a feckin' blast there. I love those kids. and they love me....honest...I had them write it down somewhere, i can't find it now, but, trust me...they do.


Pat Pakula said...

damn that was a good night! good to see ya muthafucka!
i fogot to get your number. we're gonna be in seattle in sept. Lets go for pitchers of PBR! and get some Jameson too of course.

Schmiddy said...

wow, whats with the hand signs? Nothing like a bunch of drunks making obscure signs with thier hands that mean nothing in particular to thier lifestyles. Anyways, it was a great time for sure!

Skullbaby said...

That new video you guys worked on ("what do you do with the pieces of a broken heart"... that one) is so great.

Nice work Gene and all yall!