Friday, August 04, 2006

more fun with markers...

I feekin' love these prismacolor markers...they're fun...I'm nowhere near the ability of Anton Bogaty or John K., but it's still fun...I suggest you try's fun for the whole family, including the small woodland creatures out in your back yard. But don't invite old Mrs. Henderson. She doesn't like fun. Only commies have fun.

Oh, and now there's a Skunk Fu blog up...check 'em would be such a fun project to work on.


crylic said...

haha...soo awesome. love the beady eyes...i too have been on a skydoll kick latley...super rad shtuff!


Grant Alexander said...

Just stumbled onto your blog. Really cool stuff man!

I've been more and more interested in moving into design for animation. I've been all over the board in school.

John K. was just in San Fran showing cartoons and talking it was a fun time.

Did you get the last heavymetal issue with all 3 issues of Skydoll!! Awesome! Only 7.00 bucks dude and good printing to boot.

Dave said...

Yeah these look so good! I love the eyes!

Clio said...

Great wolfie, Gene! Really digging these marker sketches you're making, awesome!

geenpool said...

thanks guys...the wolfman is my favorite of the clasic monsters, i think...

crylic- tanks dood...yeah, the eyes are inspired by some of joel trussell's stuff...he's one of my main inspirations for both art and attitude...he's a really nice guy.

grant- damn dude! your art is blowing me away. lovely line work. if you want to get into animation design...i say go for it. you've got mega talent.

dave-yo man, thanks a lot. I'm loving your bug messenger guy. Brilliance.

clio-as always, thanks for enjoying. You rock.

FerdinandKreozot said...

haa, these are very nice.
I really enjoyed checking them out.
Saved a few, for some inspiration, I hope you do not mind :)



jeaux janovsky said...

that wolfie is great gene!
awesome work as always bro.

Schmiddy said...

look! I think he has a little bit of his wolf ball peeping out!
hmmm...why all of a sudden does it smell like brisket?
this is awesome Gene. Lovin the grey tones, like a black and white movie

kyle B said...

thats an awesome character, love the quote too