Sunday, June 11, 2006

belated birthday painting for my niece

she just turned 15. She has a little thing for tinkerbell, and she likes skull I combined them. I made her a little more brunette and a little more sexy...because tinkerbell is sexy...werd.


Schmiddy said...

nice gene!! wicked job...pure gold.

geenpool said...

tanks mange...coming from you...that actually means something to me.

Gronk said...

Damn man, that's a tight design.

Hell, you could clean up with a line of biker-fairy clothes!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey gene, love it, I will tell Chrissy about it and tell her to look at it. Mom told me about it. Love you your sister

geenpool said...

coloio kids...thanks.

gronk- thanks man..but the actual design is taken from a tinkerbell pose...but i just tweaked it a bit to make her a little more sexy...and yeah, i'll clean up on those biker faries...giggle

Tammy- well, she doens't have to look at it, it should be arriving today or she should be able to see it in person. werd.

Anonymous said...


Nice work! Just got your blog from your ma (of course) and I love the tinkerbell thing. I have a thing. For Tinkerbell... and skull tat's as well. Oh, did I say I had a thing for Tink? I especially like the outfit.

Hope all is well my friend, miss you - come visit again.