Sunday, June 20, 2010

more to come...

don't know if anyone reads this anymore, but I start my new gig at Popcap tomorrow, and I'll be getting to be doing the drawing thing again, so, I plan on doing the whole warm-up drawing positing, run-on sentence thing again---yay!

ps. the drawing is one my daughter did of awesome is that?


David Juel said... ?

I love typershark - good for you

2 Ply Parachutes said...

I'm still reading you. Loud and clear. Looking forward to some more goods. Great hanging with you btw. Been too long. Now that youre down town, give me a shout anytime and i'll scoot down and meet ya for some grub.

jtruss said...

Yo congrats on the new gig, bruddah! Looks like your daughter got all four of your hairs right. She's got talent, man... oh and you do too.