Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Some more goodies from the trashcan...

so anyway...Just to type it so it sinks in...Huddle found out that the two groups ahead of us in the adoption roster have received referrals. So that means that, barring China taking the whole month of October off, or if I die in a horrible tragic tractor accident involving a cow, some feta cheese and a plunger, we'll be receiving our photo next month...Which is kinda scary yet exciting at the same time. So, uh, yeah.

enjoy your day, and don't eat the sandwich in the fridge. It may look good, but it's been in there for like a month, and that's not lettuce...I think that's the cheese.


Beezle said...

so I shouldn't touch the week-old chili either should i?

Awesome stuff here Gene! The top one looks like my cousin Reggie McRednipples.

Gronk said...

Right on man! That's [crossing fingers] fanfreakingasmic news.. Let me know if I need to sacrifice anything to my dark pagan gods to make it a reality.

..or if you need any help with baby gear or anything..


Pat Pakula said...

nipples, donuts, and neckbolts. yep. thats good.

Stephen Studios said...

love that monster!

Hes just chillin, eatin his donut and drinkin his coffee and sees the camera and is like "hey havent ever seen a monster before?"


José Lobo said...

Hi, this is kind of strange i guess, i found your blog some time ago by accident and now i have it on my favourites cause i love your drawings and sence of humour!
The strangest thing is that im not involved in any drawing and im from Portugal:)
see man, u went international:)
keep it up

kyle B said...

awesome stuff man
lots of great work on here