Wednesday, May 31, 2006

new paintin'

here's a new painting i did at art night last week...he's sick with the man udders. It's really sad actually.
and here's my new tat design...i wanted to kinda have a funkier version for meself but still keep it in the american traditional vein. I'm gunna talk with an artist this weekend and let him have a shot at it with color and whatnots...anyhoo...chaio.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever met the cartoonist club in Seattle?

Monthly Meetings are held the third Saturday of each month at 5:00PM at the School of Visual Concepts.
Address: 500 Aurora Avenue North in downtown Seattle.

Scott Alan, President

These toons are a great encouragement to me.

- JuelFish

Lee said...

fun stuff, good luck with the tat this weekend!

Schmiddy said...

wicked stuff gene

Jack Zhang said...

That design could be in front of a Harley-Davidson! Looks sweet.