Friday, January 27, 2006

Redesigned captain handsome

and a bear. With crazy ink and whiteout splotches...cuz I keeps it real. I'm raw...It's the new punk. With arms completely bogied from Trussell. Hell, if you're going to experiment with other styles, might as well steal from the best.

I'm having one of those crappy drawing days, you know the type, the kind where, no matter how much you draw...It all looks like crap warmed in a toaster oven, with a side of Brie. Anyway...Here's my crappy "got to work early" drawing of captain handsome. With hair based off of Superman. I wanted captain handsome to have that lovely curl of hair that Superman has for some reason...And, of course, manly chest hair, along with crappy ink.


=shane white= said...

Disembodied arms rawk dude!
You ever believe maybe you're not having one of those crappy days as opposed to having one of those overly critical days?



geenpool said...

i guess...maybe...maybe not...i don't know...i'm usually very critical of being critical...and i hope you don't mind me biting your signature style for these two drawings..hehehe...MANLYCHESTHAIR!!

Schmiddy said...

ooooooh....wicked stuff gene...wicked wicked stuff

martin wittig said...

Very Cool! Great stuff here!

Clio said...

I agree, great arms! Supah Handsome with his neck coming out of the beefcake body is hilarious too!

Pat Pakula said...

great designs and cool inks. way to go mean gene.

jtruss said...

Bogied from me? Heck I bogied them from someone else who I can't even remember, but I'll shamlessly take the compliment anyway. Captain Handsome is looking particularly handsome here. Especially with that puckered Adam's Apple of his.

aaaand ya don't quit

geenpool said... kids make me blush.