Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Untitled #47

okay, time for me to write more...I don't care if you want it or not, I'm giving it to you...so buckle up and put on your diaper.

Some people out there might be curious to know why the wife and I decided to adopt a little girl from China. Or, none of you might be curious, or a couple. Some people might think we've had fertility problems, which is not the case, we're too fertile infact...sorry TMI...

Adopting a little girl from China is something that we've wanted to do since we got married eleven years ago...yeah...I got married young, what of it? My wife wanted to do it even before that. There's just so many girls there, without families, and why add to the populous when there's already a supply? That's why we've only really wanted to adopt from China and nowhere else. Plus, I've always wanted a girl, so this works out great.

uh...so, yeah...we're pretty much just waiting for our referral photo to arrive, so I can put it up on cafe press and everyone can wear an Esther shirt. (that's going to be her name, named after the best grandmother in the world). We have about six/seven months before we get said photo, then, aboot two months after that, we fly to China, hand of the bag full of money, and bring her home. After signing a bunch of paper work and stuff. Then, Huddle and I will be parents. She'll be our daughter...that sounds weird...but cool. Photos of her will be up here as well...so...there.

Anyway, here's some artwork by a friend of mine. He's an excellent painter who does beautiful figure work as well as landscapes. I worked with him for a while, and he helped me land the job I have now, which I still owe him some beers for....thanks Joe.

His site you ask? sheesh, keep your pants on....I'm not done glowing about Joe. Ladies...look out, this stud is single (for now), and excellent artist, and freaking rich!!! anyway...giggle...here's his site... http://kresoja.com/

And here's some of his art. Hope he doesn't mind. All images copywrite Joe Kresoja.

Monday, August 29, 2005

wow, blogging is funtastic!! Not much info for today...Hi mom.

Just wanted to add some more art from someone that I admire. His name is the stupendous Shane White. (
http://www.studiowhite.com/ ).

Take a look at these beauties.

I totally admire someone who can not only do great character work, but can also do landscape/backgrounds, and do them well. It's one of my major weaknesses, I tend to focus on characters/figures.

I'd like to post some of my own artwork for people to snicker at, but, alas, I have no scanner...so I'll just stick with good art from people I know for now....

Nothing new in adoption news...we're just settling in for the long wait. I'll write more on that later, but for now...nuthin' new.


Friday, August 26, 2005

Hello, trying this again, apparently I deleted the first one....well, that's okay. I'm new...be gentle. Anyway, this blog will be about my wife and my adventures in purchasing a kid, as well as posting art that I do, my friends do, or that I find inspiring.

To start things off, I'll post some art by my friend Joel Trussell. (
http://www.joeltrussell.com/ ) whom I find very inspiring...I love his lines and his buff arms...I mean, uh...Anyway....and let everyone know that Huddle and I have a log in date.

"We have received confirmation that your dossier was logged into the CCAA on August 17, 2005. "

So we have that going for us....which is nice.

Actually I'm super excited, and a little freaked out. I get to be daddy. I've never been a daddy before, so I don't really know what to expect. I know that I'll be in deep deep smitt once they place her in my wife's or my arms....it'll be over for me.

Anyway, more about that later, I just want to start this little blog thing because everyone else is doing it and I want to be cool...plus I know not many people will be reading it, so it can be like those sketchbooks I did when in high school, where I wrote horrible poetry and drew horribly disfigured drawrings cuz I didn't understand proportion and anatomy, or the use of meaningful vocabulary, but I really knew how to make an excellent run-on sentence.

Anyway, enjoy the pics of Joel's beautimus art.