Friday, February 29, 2008

well, forgot to take a photo of droopy...

...but maybe I can get someone to take a photo for me so's I can get it up on here...but in the meantime, here's a rough sketch of a new tat I want to get in honor of my grandpa. the story behind why I'd get a busty redhead with my grandpa's name in the banner is as follows...every Christmas, when asked what he wanted for a gift, grandpa would say "a redhead with a pair of 54's"...apparently he didn't really know that much about cup sizes and whatnot...or it was some cool hip slang from the 40' when we'd be opening gifts he'd shake a box or two, and say "this doesn't sound like my redhead". Anyway...he kicked major bootay and was my male role model, he taught me what it means to be a man...well, sorta...he taught me all the responsibility stuff and to always tip your waitress. As well as passing on a love for all things yeah. It's his fault....anyway, enjoy.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

well, finished one painting...

But first here's some doodles I did after the milestone was enjoy them..

and here's the first painting...I'm doing droopy tomorrow...i went in a little different direction with red...a little more designy or something...keep in mind that I'm not a painter...I like painting, but I'm going to try some different paints next time...maybe liquid acrylic or something...or maybe cartoon colors...and I think I might start painting larger, cuz my small brushes are all frayed and my line control isn't that great...I get all nervous with ink or paint...but anyway...feel free to judge me...or point and laugh, or say that I'm soo awesome that you'd want to take me out for dinner and buy me a nice big juicy steak, and then try to get fresh before dessert arrives...

and for god measure, here's a photo of Esther tweaking the cat's ear. Notice the pinkie out form. She's such a lady.

Monday, February 18, 2008

hey new post, and it's not even your birthday!!

hey kids, it's me again...yes..I know...milestone is finished, i'm drawin' a bit more, sorta...well, I should be drawin's more, but i haven't been...I know, I suck. Anyway, I've got a show comin' up, called Saturday morning...where you can do anything associated with Saturday mornin'..i.e. cereal, cartoons, playfull kicks to the head, any of it. So, of course I had to do Tex Avery. More specifically, Red and Droopy. So, below you'll find my really crappy rough sketches for the paintings I'm going to be doin'.

I'm kinda liking this one, more blocky and not a complete rip off of the character model sheet.
but there's something to be said about this one with a little more roundness...dunno yet, let you know when it's done which one i use....which should be soon...this weekend is the last days I'll have to work on it....giggle, giggle, snort, gulp...

And here's my Red with the wolf. I went more of a rockabilly chick with her, tho I'll prolly switch back to her more iconic hair...i just thought it'd be funny if the wolf was all gaga over droopy in a thong and pasties...i plan on trying to make the background look a little like watercolor, tho, I suck at watercolor, and all I have are I'll just water them down a bit and see how it turns out...anyway...wish me luck, and I'll post the finished pieces up here when finished and done' go check out Esther's blog to see the new awesome photos that Huddle posted tonight. She'll help you lose weight by barfing from the cuteness.